International Competition

Ana Min Wein? (Where Am I From?)

Nouf Aljowaysir / USA / 2022 / 12′ 29” / Arabic, English signs | English and Italian subtitles


Where Am I From? (Ana Min Wein?) is a short film and visual diary that explores the director’s identity using two different perspectives, hers and that of an AI “narrator.” After immigrating to the United States from Saudi Arabia at a young age, Nouf examines her identity by tracing the memories of her childhood and family. As the AI character sustains her journey, he reveals stereotypes and biases derived from his training and algorithmic composition.
Contrasting oral storytelling with artificial intelligence, Where Am I From? exposes the reduction of Nouf’s identity and the eradication of the collective memory of his ancestors.

Editing Nouf Aljowaysir, Nicolás Escarpentier
Photography Sarra’a Alshehhi Nicolás Escarpentier
Sound design Nicolás Escarpentier
Animation Noura Adel
Producer Nicolás Escarpentier
Creative consultation Sarra’a Alshehhi
Commissioned by Somerset House

Nouf Aljowaysir
is a Saudi new media artist who examines the underlying logic of artificial intelligence from a personal and intimate lens. Her work stimulates dialogue about the control systems underlying technological innovations, questioning our relationship and power dynamics with machines.
She has exhibited projects in galleries and festivals around the world, including Centre Pompidou, International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), CPH:DOX, Tribeca Film Festival and others.
Nouf has obtained residencies at ThoughtWorks Arts and Somerset House. At Somerset House she created her latest work, Where Am I From? (Ana Min Wein?), which won the Lumen Prize 2023 in the Moving Image category.

May 30 03:00 pm.
Cinema Intrastevere Hall 1

May 31 07:30 pm.
Cinema Intrastevere Hall 3