Class(room) reuse

Selection of films from art residencies and training courses.

may 3 – 8
random loop
On. Wed., Thur., Frid., Mond. 3:00 pm. – 10:00 pm.
On. Sat., Sund., 11:00 am. – 10 pm.
Cinema Intrastevere
movie theatre 3

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Panel, Talk and Masterclass – Class(room) reuse
may 5
Real Academia de España en Roma
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Ai bambini piace nascondersi
Angela Norelli / Italy / 2021 / 15′ 15” / Italian

Matteo Di Fiore
/ Italy / 2021 / 8′ / Italian

Terra dei padri
Francesco Di Gioia
/ Italy / 2021 / 11′ / Italian


I fiori blu
Guglielmo Trupia / Italy / 2019 / 25′ / Italian

Ciudad Lineal
Riccardo Bertoia / Italy / 2021 / 31′ / Italian

Sulle arie, sulle acque, sui luoghi
Vittoria Soddu / Italy / 2021 / 24′ / Italian

Manuale di cinematografia per dilettanti – Vol. I
Federico Di Corato / Italy / 2022 / 20′ / Italian


Rebecca Grigore / Italy, Romania / 2022 / 22′ 6” / Italian, Romanian

Luka Bagnoli, Elisa La Boria, Silvia Francis Berry / Italy / 2022 / 6′ 35” / Silent

Se mi fermo forse sono io
Giulia Fegez, Niccolò Pagni, Elena Roccaro / Italy / 2022 / 6’ / Silent


Silvia Biagioni, Andrea Laudante / ItalY / 2021 / 10’ 19’’ / Italian

Dal giorno finché sera
Alessandro Gattuso, Luca Maria Baldini / Italy / 2021 / 15’ 02’’ / Italian

Io Ho Fissato Il Fuoco Per Sempre
Salvatore Insana, Silvia Cignoli / Italy / 2021 / 23’ 50’’) / Italian


Blue Screen
Alessandro Arfuso, Riccardo Bolo / Italy / 2016 / 16′ 49” / Italian

Dimenticata Militanza
Patrizio Partino / Italy / 2016 / 15′ 27” / Italian

Fuori Programma
Carla Oppo / Italy / 2016 / 16′ 06” / Italian

Pietro Li Donni / Italy / 2016 / 16′ 45” / Italian

In her shoes
Maria Iovine / Italy / 2017 / 19′ 16” / Italian

Mirabilia urbis
Milo Adami / Italy / 2017 / 18′ 05” / Italian

Then and now
Giulia Tata, Antonio Torrisi / Italy / 2017 / 19′ 36” / Italian

Anche gli uomini hanno fame
Gabriele Licchelli, Francesco Lorusso, Andrea Settembrini / Italy / 2018 / 19′ 53” / Italian

Domani chissà forse
Chiara Rigione / Italy / 2018 / 15′ 46” / Italian

Supereroi senza super poteri
Beatrice Baldacci / Italy / 2018 / 12′ 40” / Italian

Il mare che non muore
Caterina Biasucci / Italy / 2019 / 13′ 03” / Italian

L’Angelo della storia
Lorenzo Conte / Italy / 2019 / 17′ 19” / Italian

Lo chiamavano Cargo
Marco Signoretti / Italy / 2019 / 17′ 34” / Italian

Davide Crudetti / Italt / 2020 / 19′ 27” / Italian

Giovanni Montagnana / Italy / 2020 / 19′ 59” / Italian

Sbagliando s’inventa
Alice Sagrati / Italy / 2020 / 11′ 24” / Italian

Il piccolo Golem
Federina Quaini, Giulia Viola Milocco / Italy / 2021 / 21′ 50” / Italian

Presentacion of found footage film directed by the students of NABA – Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in collaboration with AAMOD, edited from the audiovisual archive.

may 7
Cinema Intrastevere
movie theatre 2
Presented by Fabio Capalbo, Course Advisor Leader, Cinema and Animation NABA Roma

Baunty e la minaccia in viola: il dirottamento del dirigibile
Flavio Stano

The golden age of American comics and popular 1960’s cartoons are the inspiration for this eccentric found footage short film, which draws material from the most diverse thematic areas, and gives it new life in an episode of a fictional live-action series on the adventures of Baunty e la minaccia in viola. The voice of the steadfast presenter of RadioTV News Boo Dj accompanies us in the episode The Hijacking of the Zeppelin, leading us into a movie theatre where the adventures of Baunty, Steven and Anastacia against their notorious opponent Gaspacio – always ready to put their quiet town in danger – are being shown to young moviegoers. The kids in the theatre represent the beauty of childish illusion that is inside each one of us, just like when we were young and were fascinated and involved in watching the same stories for hundreds of episodes, watching the same hero over and over, waiting for the predictable but deserved victory.

Elena Cucci, Valerio Federico
The video focuses on the dynamics of a love relationship, capturing a specific moment using two sensory experiences: visual and auditory. Using images from the Audiovisual Archive of the Democratic and Labour Movement (AAMOD), in which individuals are indistinguishable within a demonstration that winds through the city streets, an emotional flow is created and becomes the river of an intimate relationship between two people. The intimate narrative is told through the sound of whispered words, suspended thoughts, smiles that dissolve the embarrassment, hands that seek, find and touch, kisses that confuse, in the attempt to merge completely. The title of the project, readable in both directions Con-Fondersi or Fondersi-Con (in Italian confuse and fuse-with), represents precisely the dual meaning, on the border between the desire to merge physically and emotionally and the risk of becoming confused, of losing one’s identity within the relationship. In short, the video explores the complexity and beauty of a love relationship, capturing the tension between individuality and the desire to share one’s life with another person.

Io e tristezza
Sara Crescini, Morena Santo Giulia Minella, Claudia Sirignano
If we could represent sadness with a colour it would be blue. Sadness is a fine line that enters our lives and our memories, like a friend who is always beside us but also who, when she leaves us alone for a few moments, makes us discover joy and lightness. Our short film, accompanied by a poem written by Giulia Minella, enhances this feeling, using archive videos that remind us of a passage in history. We do not know the identity of those people, but emotions are what we share with them.

Realtà Celata
Daniele Senesi
Realtà Celata tells the story of certain moments of life, a painful life made of war, demonstrations and neglect. But how does we deal with these situations? Often swinging between joy, sadness, fear and anger, but also between faith and peace, a whirlwind of emotions, sometimes conflicting ones. Because in situations like these, we tend to hide reality, to convince ourselves that everything is fine even if we know that it is not. How can one live a life of only suffering? Why not find moments of everyday life and lightheartedness even in degraded situations? This is what this audiovisual product intends to show us, a journey into the feelings of man in his contradiction, his living with confidence and lightheartedness the moments of despair and loneliness, living through the war with another feeling, not resignation but hope. So here, next to military planes and bombs, we are shown acts of daily life such as children playing, family dinners, trips with friends. Because in the end when everything seems lost and when everything seems to be crumbling around you, there is only one thing left: hope and the wish to continue living.

Tutti guardano tutti
Cecilia Carmine, Maia Evangelisti
The video art project by Cecilia Carmine and Maia Evangelisti Tutti guardano tutti is a 2’30’’ video entirely made with video material from AAMOD (Audiovisual Archive of the Democratic and Labour Movement) and audio material from the collaboration with Sound designer Lorenzo Tomio. These are two videos to be seen side by side at the same time.
They present the same archive material edited in a different order. On one side the characters are looking into the camera, while the other collects videos of people who ignore the camera; then there is an intermission phase that is the same for both videos, with camera movements and videos of walking feet, and then a final part where on one side there are videos of people ignoring you while on the other they are looking at you (in inverted position from the first part). The project wants us to reflect on the perception of ourselves in the world, especially when immersed in a crowd, by showing us both the emotions we might feel: am I at the centre of the world, or am I nobody? The video will be accompanied by a sound design composed of constant and rather invasive white noise, footstep sounds and indistinct crowd buzz.