International Competition

Ender’s Line

La linea del terminatore

Gabriele Biasi / Italy / 2023 / 16′ / Spanish | English and Italian subtitles

Ender’s Line is an experimental documentary that, through archival footage of space exploration and private videos of Argentine actress Fernanda Gonzalez, tells the story of a human leaving Earth to inhabit another planet. The focus of the film is Fernanda’s emotional journey: from the need to accept the desire to leave her country to the perception that this departure is a betrayal.
Fernanda, from her personal archive to footage of space exploration, whispers to us a poem that is an encouragement to leave, but also an attempt to survive in the Memory of those we left behind: the ultimate solution to continue to love each other without seeing each other again.

Editing Andrea Cimino
Camera Andrea Benjamin Manenti
Original Music Christian Mirto, Alberto Moscone
Sound design and mix Eugenio Bonemazzi
Sound editing Alberto Moscone
Production Materiali Sonori Cinema, Hubris Pictures, Threeab
Producers Pierfrancesco Bigazzi, Matteo Laguni, Leonardo Kurtz, Gabriele Biasi

Gabriele Biasi
Born in 1994. He graduated from RUFA (Rome University of Fine Arts). He attended the Film Campus 2021 in Innsbruck.His documentary Le crisalidi won an honorable mention at Italian Visions 2022 and was screened at the 20th International Film School Festival (Uruguay) and at AricaDoc (Cile).
His second work is the experimental documentary AI ORACLE: Lithium, funded by the Goethe Institut Australia. The documentary was conceived as a continuum of the art installation AI ORACLE and was screened at PhEST – See Beyond the Sea (Italy).
He is among the founders of the digital museum “Archivio D’Anime” funded by the Lazio Region.
He is one of the selected from the “In Progress” development workshop created by Milano Film Network with the feature film Alex, I Am Nothing.

May 28 04:00 pm.
Cinema Intrastevere Hall 1
Meeting with the author

May 29 8:30 pm.
Cinema Intrastevere Hall 3