International Competition

The Architect Carla

L’architetta Carla

Davide Minotti with Valeria Miracapillo / Italy / 2024 / 14 11” / Italian | English subtitles

North of Italy, mid-Sixties. Carla is a fledgling architect and is asked to supervise the construction sites of a series of public works in the country.
Carla is confronted by a team of construction engineers, assigned to make structural measurements. Locked in the laboratory, they reproduce scale models of buildings and landscapes. Their dedication is alienating as they reproduce life to scale as aliens from another dimension.
The more time passes, the less motivated Carla is to work with them. For her, building means being among people, in the world. He dreams of tearing down walls, rather than raising them, and seeing the sky.
Instead, engineers are locked in the laboratory, where the sun does not shine and the sky cannot be seen.

Voices Federica Quaini, Damiano Grasselli, Cristian Ceresoli, Daviz Brett
Editing Davide Minotti
Musics and sound design Valeria Miracapillo
Mix audio Nicola Gualandris
Production Camera di Commercio and Lab 80 with the support of Pirellii
Color grading Stefano P. Testa

Film made as part of MADE IN Audio-Visual Residency Program 2023

May 29 08:30 pm.
Cinema Intrastevere Hall 1
Meeting with the authors 

Rerun May 30 07:30 pm.
Cinema Intrastevere
Hall 3

Davide Minotti
Davide Minotti (Frosinone, 1989) is editor and poet. His works have been selected at international festivals including Venice festival, Berlinale, Cinéma du Réel and DOK Leipzig. In 2023 he co-directed “In All Hours and None,” centered on the life of writer Asli Erdogan.

Valeria Miracapillo
A composer and performer of electroacoustic music, Valeria Miracapillo (Rome, 1990) studied theory and aesthetics of performance art in Rome and specialized in composition at the Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium in Copenhagen. She composes for theater, film, dance and radio.