International Competition

Between Revolutions

Între revoluții

Vlad Petri / Romania, Croatia, Qatar, Iran / 2023 / 68′ / Romanian, Farsi | English and Italian subtitles

Between Revolutions is first and foremost the story of a farewell. Zahra and Maria, two young medical students, meet at university in Bucharest in the 1970s. Zahra decided to return to her native Iran in 1978, wanting to be part of the massive political agitation taking shape in the streets that would enter history a year later as the “Islamic Revolution” that overthrew the Shah. After their separation, the two friends communicate only through letters for the next several years. Until the “next” revolution, the end of Ceaușescu’s regime in 1989. In the film, this correspondence is read as a voice-over for images that Vlad Petri carefully researched from official archives and private sources, many of which have never been seen before.

EditingDragoș Apetri, Cătălin Cristuțiu, Vlad Petri
Sound editor Filip Mureșan, Vlad Voinescu
Production Activ Docs
Co-Production Restart Iran (undisclosed)
Producer Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan
Co-Producer Oliver Sertić

Vlad Petri
is a filmmaker with a keen interest in political and social issues. He often incorporates personal images along with official archives to create films that blur the line between documentary and fiction. His debut work, Where are you Bucharest?, had its premiere at the Rotterdam International Film Festival. His second feature film, Between Revolutions, debuted in the Forum section of the Berlin Film Festival, where it won the prestigious FIPRESCI Award and was selected in more than 100 festivals worldwide. In addition to his feature films, Petri also directed several short films that were screened and awarded at various festivals.

June 1 06:00 pm.
Cinema Intrastevere Hall 1
Meeting with the author

June 2 11:00 am.
Cinema Intrastevere Hall 3