International Competition

Gli ultimi giorni dell’umanità

enrico ghezzi, alessandro gagliardo / Italy / 2022 / 196’ / Italian | Italian Subtitles


The panorama of human events meets the man with the camera. His champs has no borders, his curiosity has no mesure. Characters, situations and places camp in the experience of humanity that is both the one who sees and the thing seen. But what are the last days of this humanity? has it been already? are they now or then? While waiting, the astronauts of the Atalante meet their image in a bubble of water. The pilot pushes his fireball between fear and desire. beyond the road of the steamers in the open seas, a caress, an affection. In the mirror, one’s own capture occurs inside a short, too short, unit of time. But what we have learned is that there is no duration. Everything they touch becomes time, action, expectation and hope., remember Demetra at the human doing. Fragment of fragments. To run away from the melancholy and play with them in an impossible movement. Il teatro di Marte di Kraus non ha ancora aperto, eravamo occupati ad anarchiviare. The Mars of Kraus theater isn’t open yea, we were busy to unarchive. And this drama can have no other spectator than humanity.

Sound design and mix Giuseppe d’Amato, Alessandro Gagliardo, Marco Saitta
Cast Aura Ghezzi
ProductionMatango, Rai Cinema, Luce – Cinecittà, Minerva Pictures, Cinedora, Parallelo 41 Produzioni
ProducerGabriele Monaco
Executive producer Armando Andria

enrico ghezzi

Tv author, he has develops a new ideas of the medium, with a tv programs like Fuori orario, Schegge, Blob, La magnifica ossessione. Cinematographic critic for newspapers and magazines (Il Manifesto, Il corriere della sera, Filmcritica, Duel), festival’s director (Taormina, Bellaria, Il vento del cinema), retrospective’s curator of retrospective focused on Walt Disney and Guy Debord for the Venice Film Festival.per la Mostra di Venezia dedicate a Walt Disney e Guy Debord. He’s the author of the monographies of Walt Disney, Stanley Kubrick, anthology of essay, and many others publications. Director of the short movie Gelosi e tranquilli, episode of the collective feature-lenght Provvisorio quasi d’amore, musical videoclip for Franco Battiato, 99 Posse and Morgan.


alessandro gagliardo

Wild archivist, inventor, aperiodic cinematographic formalizator, matanghiant. Since 2005, he experiences around the paradigm “do a film” to envolve in “write a book that you see”. He travelled for badroads with exceptionaul humans, directing movies like Un mito antropologico televisivo, Antropologhia, Alarm!, Alla Grecia, (just for say some of them, and with desorder). Da dieci anni studia e progetta un software con il quale è convinto sia possibile rompere l’unidirezionalità di ogni media. In the last ten years he projected a software capable to break the every media’s uniderctionality. Despite the offer of undying glory and five percent of the patent, he still hasn’t found bright pockets.

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Cinema Intrastevere
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meeting with the authors and Aura Ghezzi